Disgwylfa Fawr

Wind Direction: 
Grid Ref: 
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A useful site which is frequented by the local school. Tends to work best when the wind is WNW. As such, it is a good site if Cemmaes is "blown out". Difficult to break away from due to the proximity to the sea and the sea breeze, but would have excellent XC potential otherwise. Sometimes has restitution or "magic" lift conditions on summer evenings.

Access & parking: 

The local school have permission from the farmer to drive further than the obvious parking place. Please don't do the same.


Usual take-off is from the plateau half way up. In light winds it may be preferable to launch from the summit but there is not much room.

Bottom landing: 

Extremely easy, but there are some rocks and sheep feeders hidden in the rushes so be careful.

Restrictions & notes: 

Training site. Please give priority to the local school.