Constitution Hill

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A good site if you like an audience!!

Access & parking: 

Access is only from the north side of Aberystwyth town (Cliff Terrace). Ascend the hill by the path near the cliff railway. Or you can declare your intent to fly at the railway ticket office and try to blag a free ride to the top! There is a private road to the top but there is absolutely no access this way- anyone attempting to drive to the top will create huge problems for us with this site.


Take off is the most northerly point before the boundary fence.

Top Landing: 

Top landing is a very small area immediately behind take off. Take care! Beware of rotor if the wind is from the west. Do not land in fields on top to the north unless an emergency. These belong to a solicitor with a shot gun!

Bottom landing: 

Ideally the beach (the fields are also possible) at Clarach to the north of the site. Please be careful of other beach users when landing as they may be unaware of your intentions and may not anticipate and avoid as you may expect. If you do land on the beach, DO NOT try to climb the cliff to takeoff- pilots have required rescuing...

Restrictions & notes: 

In good conditions this is an excellent site with a possible ridge run south to New Quay.