Pen Dinas

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A small but easy site. Wind on take off is about twice that on the beach.

Access & parking: 
  1. From Tan y Bwlch and walk up front of site along footpath - 400ft climb. Please don't climb up the fence line running directly down from the monument around half way up this footpath (by the swing gate). This is on private land and not a public right of way.
  2. From Penparcau. Park at the top of the housing estate immediately behind the site. Carry up along the track which runs from the field behind take-off and to the middle of the site.

Take-off is near the monument or in the sloping field to the North in stronger winds.If using this field please don't climb the fences; walk a little further and use the gates. There is sometimes a great deal of compression at the take-off by the monument to such an extent that this can result in false wind speed measurements even when standing at the front. If the wind seems strong consider using the field for TO rather than risk a nasty surprise as the wing rises to suddenly catch the true wind whistling over the pilots head ! Watch out for rotor behind take-off.

Top Landing: 

Top landing is at north end on the flat oval field. Slight rotor at west end.

Bottom landing: 

Land in field over the river to the south-west of take-off (large flat area). Slight rotor at west end. Or land on beach. Do not land at bottom in fields on same side of river as take-off because horses are bred in those fields.

Restrictions & notes: 

A small but easy site. May also be flown in gentle south-westerly but can encounter 'surprise' turbulence in this direction. Wind on takeoff is twice that on the raised beach at Tan-y-Bwlch. The cliff to the South (Allt Wen) can occasionally be reached, which opens up the potential of a cliff run to Llanrhystud!