Wind Direction: 
Site Code: 
Grid Ref: 
HG Rating: 
CP +20
PG Rating: 
CP +20
Pre-flight contact: 

An excellent SE site, with XC distance potential limited only by the sea. Flights to Aberystwyth are achievable however. The meteo and sea breezes often meet nearby leading to the possibility of great flights in this convergence.

Access & parking: 

From Llanfair Clydogau follow the Sarn Helen Roman Road south-east for 3 miles gently uphill. Turn left onto stony track before cattle grid. Pass through one gate straight ahead - shut the gate (no matter how it was found). Park off the track.

Top Landing: 

Top landing approach is along line of track from gate. Please be careful if slope landing as the slope is steep and rough.

Bottom landing: 

HG Map ref 658479 - 3 linked fields beside deserted farm east of take-off. Beware power lines 1/3 across fields running along the valley. Wind streamer flies from gate post in middle. PG Anywhere on slope or at bottom to left of take-off.

Restrictions & notes: 

Do not fly from the unfenced section beside tarmac road 1/4 mile south of cattle grid. Please be aware of horse riders who frequently use the track up the hill (to the left of take-off) and don`t inflate gliders etc when they're passing. This site is easily blown out and has strong compression. Can deliver low level evening wave. Please be careful of the sea-breeze which can cause the wind to come `over the back` and make flying (particularly slope landing) dangerous. Proximity of the sea breeze front may be manifest by `curtain clouds` over Llanfair Clydogau and even dust devils on takeoff. If in any doubt, take local advice/don`t take off or if already flying, consider bottom-landing.