Cardigan (Poppit)

Wind Direction: 
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HG Rating: 
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Pre-flight contact: 

Not necessary, but this is a sensitive site with no formal take off agreement..


This is another scenic coastal site with a watery..... not for novices. Has been known to provide flights of several miles up the Teifi estuary in wave.

Access & parking: 

From the south end of Cardigan Bridge, take the B4546 to Poppit Sands. Continue on narrow road past the old car park and launch which are not used anymore, to the car park at the very end of the road and pay the £1 parking fee.


Walk along the path from the car park and past the farm buildings heading west. The path climbs and follows a fence, at the top of the short climb a gate gives access to the take off. There may be horses in the field so be careful not to scare them. WARNING- Do not launch unless it is soarable. The wind must be straight on the hill and smooth, any roughness may indicate out-of-phase wave. On a PG it may be possible to slope land if going down, on a HG this will not be possible

Top Landing: 


Bottom landing: 

No bottom landing! You must ridge soar for 1 KM to be able to land on the beach near the lifeboat station.

Restrictions & notes: 

Not often flown, but I'm told winter is a good time to fly here, since cold laminar air flows can form into low level wave extending the lift band considerably.